Altador Cup Signups have opened!

As we recently reported, the signups have now opened for the XVII Altador Cup! This means you can now choose your favourite team to represent. This year the tournament will kick off on June 6th.
The cup will also be mobile-friendly which is good news in another step to conversion to Mobile compatible pages across Neopets.


Which team will you choose this year?

Altador Cup Signup Date & Pre Tournament Press Tour

Neopets today announced that the pre-tournament Press Tour has begun!

Sign ups have now been announced to start on the 25th May 2022!

The press page is now live HERE. Get all of your info, freebies and find out what the teams have been up to in their off-season


Final Hours of Neopets Charity Auction!

As previously reported the Neopets Charity auction ends TODAY at 9AM NST! If you haven’t already bid on the 26 items up for the charity auction you can do so HERE

You can find out the guidelines, as well as all items up for auction and their current bid status on our guide below:

Charity Auction Guide

Reminder the Auction closes at 9AM! So at the time of this post, you only have a couple of hours remaining!



Neopets Charity Auction – Bid Tracking

Today we have launched a page dedicated to the current Charity Auction that is taking place as previously reported.

You can find out the guidelines, as well as all items up for auction and their current bid status below:

Charity Auction Guide

We will continue to update the Bidding status for all 26 artworks at the conclusion of each day in the leadup to the close of the Auction on Sunday May 15 at 9am.

Have you bid on any of the items? Let us know in the comments!

First Original Pet Colour! [MODERNEO News]

ModerNeopets has added a brand new colour unique to the site: Retrowave!

As the name implies, this colour draws on the nostalgic aesthetics of ’80s and ’90s digital flair! A total of 17 Neopets and 20 PetPets can be painted Retrowave using the respective new Paint Brushes.

There is even an alternate Pastel variation available on a few!

The Pastel alternate for the Neopets can be obtained via the genetics lab on virtupets station for 50,000 NeoPoints, whereas the Pastel alternates of the PetPets can only be obtained through Lab Ray zapping or through the Wishing Well (provided it has reached the 1.5 million donation benchmark).

But that’s not all this update has to offer! Alongside Retrowave, ModerNeopets has converted the post-conversion Dimensional colour! The neon vibes of that colour fit right in with the brand new content.

This update has been in the works for months- tirelessly worked on by the site developer and a handful of talented artists. ModerNeopets is really going all out to give a new spin on the nostalgic virtual pet site we all know and love! The inclusion of more original colours in the future has been hinted at, though nothing is confirmed.

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