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Latest Neopets News:

Sorry our News gathering isn't working right now :(
Sorry our News gathering isn't working right now :(

New Neopets Homepage + Ambassador Program Applications!

As previously reported, today the overhauled Neopets.com homepage launched.
The aim of the new homepage is to combine all Neopets IP (brands) under the one umbrella. This includes Faerie’s Hope, Island Builders as well as the soon to be released World of Neopets including the merchandise site.

The key changes to this new homepage, include:

  • Company “News” (Note this doesn’t replace new neopets.com site features news. The point of the “News” on the home page is to update on things like Faeries Hope, Company wide events etc.)
  • An overview of the history of Neopets and its path to today
  • Outline the key characters of Neopets
  • Showcase the merchandise and other IP (under the Neopets brand)

Ambassador program launch!

You can now apply to be part of the Neopets Ambassador program.

What is the Ambassador program?

The Neopets Brand Ambassador Programme is a way for members of the Neopets community to actively work with TNT to help nurture, grow, and improve Neopets!

Simply go to the link below, and fill out the application form to be considered to join the program.

Apply and read more HERE

But I just want to login to my account?!

There has been some confusion as to how you are to login to your Neopets account. You simply have to click the “Neopets” link at the top of the page to head to the login page as per usual.

You can view an overall look of the new Homepage below:

Image courtesy of our affiliate Castleneo.com

What do you think of the new homepage? Let us know in the comments.

First on SN – BREAKING: TNT New Ownership & Metaverse ending

Ahead of the 25th Anniversary Neopets has today announced an important update about the site and the future of what “Neopets” is. In summary:
  • A new leadership structure and now an independent company called World of Neopia, Inc.
  • A new Neopets unified homepage to be released July 20th
  • The end of Metaverse (Moving away from Metaverse to an immersive mobile game with NO NFT relation or involvement)
  • Flash games coming back – July 25th more than 50 games will be revived
  • A new plot in 2024
  • An ambassador program to engage community
  • All Neopets branded content from merch, Island Builders, Faeries Hope (to name a few) are all under the one umbrella and unified team
  • 2,000,000 NC Giveaway – Enter and read more on their contest page
There is a promotional video that outlines most of the update that you can watch here:

Some Key takeouts are:

Is Neopets still owned by Netdragon? Since Jumpstart is shutting down, who controls Neopets?

Going forward, we are an independent company called World of Neopia, Inc. — we’re no longer managed by Jumpstart or owned by NetDragon.

Is World of Neopets just Neopets Metaverse rebranded?

No, World of Neopets is a brand new mobile game. There are no NFTs in World of Neopets, and the game is NOT built on a crypto model.

Whats next for the exisiting site:
“The first thing we did was review the most pressing community requests. We have begun exploring the use of Ruffle to resolve the issues caused by the end of Flash in hopes of speeding up the process of bringing functionality back to our beloved games. We’re also working our way through numerous page conversions and bug fixes, tackling the mobile browser compatibility issues, and making improvements to our customer support protocol.”
Current and past financial status:

“Until this point, Neopets has been running at a loss for over a decade, making it hard to enact any major overhaul; however, in early 2023 Neopets raised $4M in funding from various investors with plans to nurture a shared dream of an immersive, community-driven gaming experience. In tandem with additional funding from the management buyout, TNT has been primed to enact real, actionable change for Neopets. We truly want more for Neopians! This magical community deserves to thrive, not just survive. Thanks to our new leadership direction and the fresh source of funding, it finally can. The Neopets Team is, for the first time in over a decade, equipped to make meaningful changes in pursuit of a Neopian renaissance.

The funding raised from our management team and external investors will allow us to revive the brand as a whole. We’ve already hired a handful of new developers and artists. From fixing the many issues on the classic site to reevaluating the direction of mobile games like Island Builders, these skilled new additions to TNT are already working hard to show Neopia the same devoted care our players have shown to their beloved Neopets over the years.”

The Metaverse Status: “We also took a long, hard look at community feedback on Neopets Metaverse, and it quickly became clear that the game just didn’t line up with everything that made Neopets… well… Neopets! We constantly see references to KeyQuest, NeoQuest, and Habitarium (see, we do read your comments!) and we want to design a game that’s more in line with what the community has been asking for. Taking all of this into account, our new leadership made it their priority to listen to TNT on how to move forward into the future with Neopians in mind, so together we went back to the drawing board. The Neopets Team rolled up their sleeves and set out to foundationally transform the project into something entirely different by bringing on additional designers, developers, and writers to help craft a game that the Neopian community would embrace. Most recently, the decision was made to transition to a mobile app and rebuild from the ground up as World of Neopets, a social life-simulation game in which you live your ideal Neopian life from the perspective of a Neopet! Decorate your Neohome, explore iconic Neopian lands in 3D, discover secret treasures and knowledge, or play mini-games while you party with your Neofriends — all while you interact and quest with a collection of your favourite Neopian characters!”
You can read the full article which addresses quite openly a lot of Neo’s struggles, current status as well as what is planned for the future as well as answers to some of the burning questions you may have here:


It’s been a while…

Well it has been a while since there has been activity on the site.
A lot has happened in the last month or so, my partner and I have become parents to our gorgeous now 5 month old English Cocker Spaniel. Work has been pretty demanding as we have a series of new larger projects taking up time, and a lot of outside hours commitment.
Which has meant I haven’t really had as much time to work on SN as I would have liked. A number of our staff are in a similar position at the moment.

One thing that won’t change is my commitment to this site. We may not be a site that has all of the latest Neopets news like others, but we have never pretended to be.
What we want to continue to do is provide you with a vast array of content – whether that being a Layout for your profile or a guide across Moderneo.

We are always looking for contributors, so if you think you want to join the team the Staff Applications are always open so please be sure to send in an application!

In the meantime we will have some new content drop over the next week, and I plan to get back into the SN mindspace!

We have also extended the first round of submissions for the Sketched Neo Art Spotlight until July 31st!
If you are wanting to shwocase your Neopets or Moderneo artwork, check out the sibmission creiteria here:


Festival of Neggs 2023 Final Prizes

The final Prizes for the Festival of Neggs have been revealed for 2023!

If you have solved all of the clues along the way, collected your Bython, you will get a nice surprise today if you head to the Festival Area.

You can read more detail in of festival guide below:


SN Art Spotlight now OPEN!

You may have noticed since the overhaul of our site, that we added a new section “Art Spotlight“.
Well I am happy to announce today what it is about, and announce that it is ready to begin!

But what is this “Art Spotlight”?

The Neopets and Moderneo community are a creative passionate community and we want to celebrate the artistic talents of our community!

The aim of the Art Spotlight is to showcase the top 3 artists for the month on the Sketched Neo homepage. All art will be judged via the visitors to the site through a voting system.

From there the top 3 “voted” will be ranked and displayed accordingly. All other entrants will be displayed on the Art Spotlight page for each month as well.

The winner of the Spotlight will receive some pretty neat prizes which we will reveal closer to the closure of the first round of entries.

What is considered “Art”?

We aim to have multiple spotlight categories as time goes on, but for now we will open the spotlight to visual art only.

This means any visual art related Neopets or Moderneo. It could be a related scene, pet, item or even Faerie (just to name a couple of categories)

You can view all of the Terms and Conditions for the spotlight at the below link. Also feel free to contact us or leave a comment on this post if you have any further questions that you would like answered!

Applications for May will be open until 31/05/23 with voting open from the 1st-7th June!
To enter click the link below!

Art Spotlight

Neopets Time

Art Spotlight

Snowager Alert


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