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Neopets Advent Calendar – Day 21 (21st December)

Day 21 of the Neopets Advent Calendar is here!

The preview of the animation for Day 21 is a nice mobile background!

Be sure to check out what prizes are up for grabs in our Advent Calendar guide below.

Advent Calendar Guide 2022

Neopets News Summary: New avatar, UC’s and more!

Well the updates across Neopets have been coming in thick and fast the last two days. We are here for a one stop summary of all that has been happening, without having to scroll across pages to catch up!

TNT as of today have fixed UC Neopets! You can now have all various assets now applied to them working in HTML5, with no Flash required!

New Avatar:

Sketched Neo was the first Fansite to report on the new Borovan Avatar on Twitter early this morning.

To obtain the new avatar, you simply have to feed your Neopet any item with “Borovan” in the name.

It is important to note, this has to be done from the mobile converted pages (beta site) as it won’t work in unconverted pages.

Geekify’s Neopets Tarot Cards Delayed

Geekify have sent out an email to those who have pre-ordered the Neopets Tarot cards an update on the status of dispatch and delivery of their purchase.
They have explained this is due to COVID slowdowns overseas, ordered decks won’t be arriving prior to Christmas.
People who have purchased have the option for a refund or keep it queued and it will ship in a few weeks time.

Geekify Neopets Flash SALE!

Geekify have a flash sale on some Neopets items!
From now through December 21st 2022, you can save 15% with the code NEOFLASHon your purchase of select Neopets items.

Don’t forget, Geekify’s items include Virtual Prize Codes and shipping is available internationally.

And thats the latest wrap on whats been happening in Neopia! We will continue to update this post in the event we have any more Pre-Holiday surprise announcements!

Neopets Site Conversion Update 0.5.0

It’s been a long time coming, but TNT have released the 0.5.0 Beta update just in time for the holidays! A summary is below.

All of Neopia’s maps have now been fully converted to HTML5, completing the world of Neopia! We have a couple of new maps and updates to some of the existing maps:

Site Themes

There is a brand-new beta site theme for Mystery Island.

Character images on the footers of the Neopets site themes have now returned to the new beta site themes:

A few other minor changes relating to site themes:

  • Neoboard colors now change depending on your theme!
  • Link colors once again match the theme of your choosing!

Misc Updates
Several other small updates are included in this beta release as well, including:

You can read the full list of changes and bug fixes in the Release Notes.

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