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Sign Up Applications Open! [MODERNEO News]

For a limited time, you have the opportunity to join ModerNeopets, a fan recreation of the old-school Neopets website! Much of the site is still under construction, but updates are frequent and the community is wonderful.

Send in an application, and Hazer (the amazing sole site dev) will review it! Note that completing an application does not automatically create your account! If accepted, you will receive an email with account creation steps.*
Applications will ONLY last for TWO DAYS, ending on April 16th at 11:59 PM NST (US Pacific/GMT -8). As long as you send in your application by this time, you will be eligible to actually sign up!

*Be sure to check your junk and/or promotions folder if you don’t see it. Try to be patient; only one person is doing all the manual review! Though if you’re feeling impatient, you can join their discord to start interacting with the community!

NOTE: You are only permitted to have ONE account! Do not attempt to apply for a second one

Festival of Neggs 2022 Update

The Festival of Neggs in Neovia this year is of to a great start! If you haven’t already, be sure to catch-up on the last three days of clues to find the Neggs and collect your prizes.

You have the chance to collect all of the Neggs up until the end of the festival. Be sure to collect all Neggs to receive your additional gift at the end of the festival from Kari.

You can follow our easy-to-read guide on the last three clues and where to find the Neggs.

Festival of Neggs Guide

You’ll also be able to view the breakdown of the potential prizes for each Negg when selected.

Have fun playing and be sure to let us know in the comments what your favourite prize has been so far!

Festival of Neggs has begun!

The Festival of Neggs has begun for 2022!


Check out or easy to follow guide for the answer to the daily clue on where to find the Neggs!

Festival of Neggs Guide

We will be updating this guide daily so be sure to come back each day !

We are receiving reports that the Festival page on Neo is buggy. If you have viewed the conversation, be sure to refresh the page again for the clues to be displayed at the bottom and you can begin your hunt!


New userlookups for Moderneopets!

Time for some new MN content… We have x2 New Lookups to use!
You can find them at the Moderneopets Userlookups page.

Neopets Site Updates – Beta V0.4.9

This evening Neopets are slowly releasing some updates to various areas of the site.
Beta V0.4.9 has finally been released, which is the first since October 2021.
Highlights in this release are:
The Neolodge now has a “Book all Pets option!” *hoorah*

Pet lookups are now showing a static image of your pet (no more Gravestone RIP Flash).
Pets are also listed in alphabetical order on User Lookups now.
Petpets and Petpetpets including the interaction with them are now also accessible from the homepage.

More HTML5 map updates:
It is likely that a lot of these map updates are timed due to a potential relation to the Festival of Neggs which starts tomorrow as previously reported.
⭐ Faerie City
The Haunted WoodsNeovia (no surprise there)
Deserted Fairground
Moltara City
Moltara Caves
Krawk Island

The Money Tree has also been tweaked to allow for a better user experience
The Almost Abandoned Attic is back for accounts more than three years old
HTTPS certifications have updated across the site (page security)

You can read the full Release Notes for further detail.

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